Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ecological Footprint Part

Ecological Footprint Part 2: What's Yours?

If you want to find out your ecological footprint, go to and follow the quiz.

Mine comes out as:

1.5ha Food
0.7ha Mobility
1.5ha Shelter
1.2ha Goods & Services

Giving me a grand total of 4.9ha compared to a national average of 5.3ha using this method. OK but not brilliant. The biggest change I could make is to go vegan which would lop a whole hectare off. BTW I like to think my food rating is really lower as I buy local produce from local stores which isn't picked up in this particular model.

My 'shelter' footprint will go down when our first child arrives next Jan meaning our domestic requirements will be shared by 3 rather than 2.ern , isn't population growth an environmental problem, rather than an environmental solution?