Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally, the Blessing

Finally, the Blessing ...

My dear friend "Mermaid" sent me the most beautiful card the other day. On the cover was what appeared to be a Bodhi tree, not unlike the one I am sitting under while writing in the tropics. It purveyed a blessing so beautiful I just had to pass it on to you. May you receive it and take it into your heart.

"Like a tree ...
Find your own space to grow.
Bend with the winds of change.
Bless the uniqueness of who you are.
Connect with the roots of your own wisdom ...

... Do what you love to do.
Be the best you can be.
Share your beauty with the world."*

From under the Bodhi tree, I send you blessings of love and joy.

And may you continue to share your beauty with the world!

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