Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Somehow, when you are in the tropics

Somehow, when you are in the tropics, it's easy to lose track of time. There is a sense of timelessness that washes in with the waves, a whisper of "Just Be" that floats in with a warm breeze. I've been listening to those soulful notes and allowing them to take me deeper.

That's why you haven't heard much from me. We've finally moved into the little writer's cottage by the sea, the one I've been longing for for years. It serves as the perfect hostess for my creativity. And because it is, you'll be hearing from me less and less, for a while anyway. In fact, I've cleared my desk to take—for the first time in my entire life—a real sabbatical for 30 days of uninterrupted writing.

This feels like a luxury to me, but an essential one (oxymoron that it is). Creative people need creative space and vast expanses of time to honor the Muse. If you are a creative person, I wonder, do you allow yourself this "luxury"? I hope you do.

And sometimes, even though we are well-intentioned, we just don't make the commitment to honor ourselves in this way. It may take a nudge from a wise other to give our souls what we need to express themselves, to thrive.

My "nudge" came from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I fell in love with her work in the mid-90s. Her landmark book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, opened up a pathway for me to explore the deep soulful Feminine through myth and story. In doing so, for the first time I really explored my self.

An e-mail from Dr. E's publisher announcing her new book and on online series of fireside chats with her based on The Dangerous Old Woman (a work thirty years in the making) sealed my decision. Dr. E said this about her own choice to go "underground" and write:
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