Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Freecylin' Away

I'm a bit of a sucker for IKEA. Its "come to buy a bookcase and get seduced by this hi-fi rack" approach to selling gets me every time - and recently I did end up with a hi-fi rack which I didn't like when it was back in my living room. After trying it as a printer stand and a few other applications, I put it on Free Cycle and a nice man came and took it away and gave it a new life in the Karaoke business.

My local Freecycle group has over 3500 members, and there's some cool stuff turns up. Some of the "WANTEDs" are somewhat, um, ambitious... just like Swapshop back the 80s for all you 30 something Brits. The guy who was looking for a complete set of DJ decks probably didn't get many offers.

I think it's much better than taking stuff to a second-hand shop as the likelihood of find a new owner is much higher (and excess stuff doesn't get dumped on 3rd World markets).

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